Long faces, disheveled faces and a long talk by Bolillo speaking face to face; Maynor spoke the most – Ten

The night was long. The nightmare they lived through last night has not yet passed. The ghosts keep haunting the Honduras national team that he has no choice but to get up after the blow received by Panama because now the next station is coming: San José, Costa Rica.

The team led by “Bolillo” Gómez carried out this Saturday afternoon a regeneration session in a private field in San Pedro Sula, the facilities of the Happy Days Freedom school, with more intensity for the footballers who did not see action or entered the exchange against the canals. The rest did some special work to lower the loads of the intense game.

The faces of the players had the smile erased. No one spoke and only a few of them greeted the press with a look and a nod. The group is depressed.

When the players had already put on their clothes, the extensive talk of the Roll. He began to listen to the players one by one. Each one gave their point of view the day after. The first to speak was Maynor figueroa to whom the Colombian asked to speak.

The South American made gestures with his hands and enumerated with his fingers and then asked other players for a word. Back were all the assistants who only paid attention and only “Roll“He was addressing the platoon.

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Looking the footballers in the face for more than half an hour in their direction, Bolillo listed what he experienced last night at the Olympic Games. Alex Lopez He spoke and everyone heard him. But then he spoke again Maynor figueroa that with much feeling he addressed his companions.

Maynor Figueroa did not hide after his night of terror against Panama and stands firm as a rock, setting an example as captain.Choco lozano, forward of Cadiz came out with some physical problems, the same as Bryan moya, a player who ended up exhausted after the intense match he played where there is nothing to reproach him, was one of those who gave himself in soul, life and heart.

When the captain finished the talk, Roll He applauded and said: “Come on, let’s go, guys upstairs.” The work consisted of tactical, not very physical because the team did those practices during the week.

Alberth Elis, scorer of the game against Panama, showed a downcast face during training.The group is beaten; the smiles in some players have disappeared from their faces, but they have to raise their heads; are not yet removed from the world But now the possibilities hang by a thread In Costa Rica they have to play for pride.

For Tuesday’s duel, “Bolillo” will have to make compulsory variations in the starting 11 to seek an improvement. It is not ruled out that Denil Maldonado appears to reinforce the lower zone. Edwin Rodríguez could play in the center of the field instead of Alexander López and in attack he would be strengthened with the presence of Romell Quioto who last night was not against Panama.

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