Lola Índigo, J Balvin, Omar Montes… and now also the content creators: El Rubius and his documentary – Television

The platforms of video on demand they are giving it when it comes to differentiating themselves from each other and they are achieving this thanks to their own content. In music, we have already seen how some of the most important artists have their own documentary, in which they tell how their rise from nothing to everything has been or while they accompany them in one of the most important concerts of their lives.

The effect of music is now transferred to the internet phenomenon, where a privileged few have carved out a niche for themselves over the years after growing their own content channels, segmented into specific themes. It is the case of Ruben Doblas Gundersenwhich we all know as Ruby.

He was one of the pioneers in our country in terms of content creation. A boy from Mijas, Málaga, who was born in 1990 and who was able to see on his YouTube channel an escape route for his day-to-day life, who has not only ended up turning his passion into his job, but has also been able to weave a promising future.

Ruby is he streamer most recognized in Spain and also one of the best valued in Spanish-speaking countries. This year marks a decade of his journey on the network and nothing better than celebrating it with his own documentary: “Ruby X”which already has a release date.

It will be on July 22 when viewers from Spain and Latin America (except Brazil) can see this documentary through the platform Prime Video: “Can’t wait for you to see it!”he explained on his social networks when announcing his long-awaited premiere, “We have put a lot of love into it and you are going to see things that I had never shown before”.

And it is that in the trailer it already shows us a preview of what we will see in it, telling the story of how some young people, with no pretense other than having a good time, built a new industry without realizing it and how it has evolved in the latter decade. In it we will be able to see some of the places that have defined the life of this young man as a content creator, reliving great moments and telling his lesser-known story.

Ruby, which has become the symbol of an entire generation X, also seeks to vindicate and recognize this industry, in which a revolution of creators has achieved millionaire audiences from their own homes. In “Ruby X” we will also see other content creators and influencers who have accompanied him during his career, such as Mangel, alexby Y cheetahwho are also pioneers in defining the language of youtubers and some of the most beloved faces in the community gaming.

With more than 40 million followers and 7 billion views of his videos on YouTube, Ruby has just reached a new milestone: 10 million followers on Twitch, another of the platforms gaming favorites of content creators. But, beyond the numbers, he has been named the leader of his generation by the prestigious magazine “Time”has its own anime series, a store on-line where he sells his own clothing brand, and has collaborated and appeared making cameo appearances in film productions starring Will Smith, Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence either Tom Holland. There is nothing left for us to enjoy this promising documentary!

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