Lizandro Claros will not continue with Águila

The defender Lizandro Claros will not continue in the ranks of the Eagle for the Apertura 2022 tournament, as confirmed to EL GRÁFICO, the coach of the Migueleño team Agustín Castillo.

The feathered strategist commented that they tried to keep Claros on the squad, but the footballer decided not to renew his contract, so he was released.

We need a national number nine for (David) Rugamas, there among the last-minute casualties is the defender Lizandro Claros who does not continue because he has another offer since his contract has expired, they tried to negotiate with him, but in the end he decided not to follow“, confessed the South American coach from Peru.

Castillo admitted that some players chose not to continue with the feathered team after their respective contracts expired because they seek to add more minutes of play than they had on their team in the Clausura 2022 where they lost the final against the Alianza capital.

The truth is that other players have left because they want more playing time like (Alexander) Mendoza in the central defense, like Reinaldo Aparicio who chose not to continue and go to another team“, he claimed.

“Chochera” looked out of the corner of his eye at the number of casualties that the team has announced so far and where the nine players who do not continue to wear the national jersey will ultimately represent extra work in their planning.

“It was not in my plans that there were so many casualties, but in the end we had to accept that, the departures of many players disrupt our plans because we have to start from scratch since harmony had been created in the squad and now we have to start again It’s not an excuse, it’s the reality we have inside,” he stressed.


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