Livia Brito Reveals Why She Decided Not to Be Daniel Arenas’ Girlfriend

Through a live broadcast, the famous Cuban actress, Livia Brito made known the reasons why she decided not to be a couple with fellow actor Daniel Arenas.

In recent months, Livia Brito has positioned herself as one of the favorite actresses of the Mexican people due to her incredible performance in the telenovela ‘La Desalmada’, which has managed to capture the attention of millions of viewers thanks to her wonderful performance of Fernanda Linares.

Even though she has been involved in several controversies over her recent complaint to a major publisher and her controversial statements about how the press should treat her from now on, the protagonist of ‘Italian girl is getting married’ continues to cause a sensation on social networks and He has shown it with his recent publications.

Now that Livia has more time available after finishing recording the successful Televisa telenovela produced by ‘el Güero’ Castro, she has dedicated herself to interact with her more than six million fans on Instagram, which is why she decided to make an en I live to chat with them for a while and answer some questions.

Through her personal account on the social network of the little camera, the famous model broadcast completely live and answered some questions that her followers had, among which they highlighted her favorite position to make the ‘delicious’ and at what age did she lose her virginity.

However, several users were quite interested in knowing about his romantic life, which is why he was encouraged to reveal that he was about to be a partner of the popular actor Daniel Arenas, with whom he shared the screen in the telenovela ‘Médicos, linea de video.

“I was going to hang out with Daniel Arenas, but it didn’t happen. I don’t know why, how we didn’t have the chemistry to be dating, ”mentioned the successful 35-year-old television celebrity.

“We went out to the movies or to eat, I don’t remember, and I remember that I was finished doing a play and the very beggar said to me: ‘Hey, is it that you always wear makeup like this?’ And I am like that, that is, I am in a play, I had one eye made up to here, the eyelash was like three eyelashes and I was all tired and dead from exhaustion ”.

Brito added that she felt judged by her comment and from then on the date became quite uncomfortable, so she decided not to go out in a romantic way with him. 

“In other words, I always walk with a washed face, I don’t like to put on makeup. And it was that question that I said: ‘Oh no, you know what? Bye. You’re an actor just like me and you don’t know that I’m wearing makeup because I just got back from the theater. And there it was like for better friends ”, concluded Livia in front of the camera lens.


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