Livia Brito Confesses Which Soap Opera Actors Have Been Her Partners

Without mincing words, the famous Cuban actress, Livia Brito revealed in great detail who have been the co-workers with whom she has had a relationship.

Once again, the famous Cuban actress, Livia Brito gave something to talk about on digital platforms after revealing who has been the co-workers with whom she has had a relationship since she began her career in the world of acting.

As is already known, the beautiful protagonist of ‘La Desalmada’ has become one of the favorite television celebrities of the Mexican audience, who have been amazed by the great talent and beauty that she has shown in each of the soap operas in which he has participated.

And thanks to this, we have had the opportunity to see her work with renowned actors on more than one occasion, as happened with José Ron, who was her co-star in her most recent melodrama and ‘Italian girl is getting married, in which she began rumors of a possible love affair between them.

Due to the multiple questions that her fans have, Livia decided to make a recording of questions and answers, where she promised to answer in great detail several of the doubts that her ‘Babies of light’ had had for some time.


Through her official channel on the YouTube platform, the popular model shared a video that her fans had vehemently requested since in this she answered several uncomfortable questions that Internet users asked her through her personal account on the camera’s social network…

And it was here that Brito confessed that he had fallen in love with some co-workers with whom he starred in various soap operas, due to the romantic scenes he recorded with them, but over time he understood that it was all a trap in his brain.

“At the beginning of my career it was super funny because I thought I could fall in love with doing those kinds of scenes and what do you think? that if it happened, it happened several times that if I fell in love with my soap opera companions. But as the soap operas went by and time went by, you realized that your brain was obviously deceiving it but you have to control it ”, mentioned the beautiful actress of ‘I love you, I love you.

And later he added: “I was Juan Diego Covarrubias’s girlfriend, I started a relationship -it was not a relationship because we were friends- with José Ron, I also walked with Salvador Zerboni, that is, yes because I already explained that the literal brain gets confused and so do we get confused, that is, it is not bad, it happens. We are in this medium and we are boyfriends of the actors, but there comes a point where you say like we are half-crazy like it does not work and you look elsewhere ”.

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