Livia Brito Confesses That She Had a Secret Affair With Yordi Rosado

To the surprise of thousands of people, the famous Cuban actress, Livia Brito recently revealed that she had a love affair with Yordi Rosado even though they both had a partner.

To the surprise of thousands of people, the famous Cuban actress, Livia Brito recently revealed that she had a love affair with Yordi Rosado a couple of years ago, however, at that time both had a partner, which left more than one due to the strong statements of the television celebrity. 

The popular protagonist of “La Desalmada” had no problem confessing this during the program “At night everything happens with Yordi Rosado” that was broadcast on Tuesday, November 9, where she dared to admit that she had a crush on the driver in his first years of her acting career and spoke for the first time on the subject in front of the cameras. 

“Look, let me tell you that one of the loves that I have always wanted and that has never paid attention to me in life and that I suffered and cried when he told me that it is not Yordi, really,” said the successful model born in Cuba while looked into the eyes of the television host. 

Without mincing words, Livia told a little about the secret romance she had with the Mexican producer, who revealed that at first, they liked each other a lot, although the two were engaged in another relationship at the time.

“I mean, we did have a relationship and everything, I was his lover and …”, revealed Brito, however, he did not finish telling the story of their romance because he gave a fit of laughter while trying to explain the situation. 

Realizing the amazement of the guests present in the studio, Yordi was quick to say that this happened a long time ago since he made it clear that their relationship occurred when they attended a ceremony of “Premios TVyNovelas”, where Livia was nominated as Best Young Actress and won the award. 

“Of course! When the TVyNovelas Awards were held (…) yes, they gave me the award and everything, if we went to the dressing room, remember, ”said the beautiful actress to Rosado, who showed himself quite nervous as he looked away and scratched his head. 

One of the most surprised was Pedro Prieto, who was one of the guests on Yordi’s program, in view of everything he had just heard from Livia Brito’s own mouth and made an indecent comment that made those present loosen up. laughter. 

“Yordi, let me smell your hands (…) sorry, it had to be said and said,” said the actor while Livia and Yordi covered their faces with both hands and laughed non-stop. 

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