Lit | The laser lawn mower was born

If mowing the lawn is problematic for you, then do not switch to a laser lawn mower just yet.

09/07/2022 – Strange as it may seem, what we used to see only in the movies is now a reality in many cases. Of course, not all. We used to think we were now cutting grilled meat with laser swords or even fighting aliens in space with laser weapons. Of course, we haven’t reached that point yet, but laser technology is indeed getting more and more advanced.

Now someone has created a laser suitable for mowing grass, of course the device is not yet perfect.

By the way, the laser lawnmower is equipped with a 40W Arduino microcontroller. Yes, this means that the laser cuts the grass for a very long time, but perfectly evenly. Unfortunately, the device is not yet suitable for mowing large areas: it can move only two meters per day.

However, it is true that it has brought us closer to the everyday use of laser technology. Perhaps a lightsaber solution is just around the corner.

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