List of subsidized electric motorcycles that can be purchased “for” KTP, from 5 million Indonesian rupiah!


Subsidized electric motorcycles can be purchased with KTP’s capital. Which subsidized electric motorcycles can be purchased under these easier terms?

The government has finally revised the requirements for purchasing subsidized electric motorcycles. Where the initial requirements seemed to be aimed at the lower middle class, now anyone can buy a subsidized electric motorcycle, as long as they have an ID card, are an Indonesian citizen and are at least 17 years old.

“The main basis for this policy change is to accelerate the development of the country’s electric vehicle ecosystem and create a cleaner Indonesia. This goal will certainly have an impact on increasing investment, stimulating industrial productivity and competitiveness, and expanding the workforce.” This was stated by Minister of Industry Agus Gumivan Kartasasmita in his official statement.

Despite this, the purchase of subsidized electric motorcycles will still be limited to 1 unit per 1 PTS. Later, the dealer will verify the buyer’s data, which has been integrated with the Department of the Interior’s Population and Civil Registry data, using the information system provided by the General Directorate of Metallurgical, Engineering, Transportation and Electronics Industries (ILMATE) of the Ministry of Industry. . The data is referred to as the Two-Wheel Electric Vehicle Purchase Assistance Information System (SISAPIR).

“This means that people who wish to receive this government assistance program must be Indonesian citizens at least 17 years old and have an electronic CTA. One NIK KTP allows you to buy one electric motorcycle,” Agus added.

Currently, consumers can choose from 30 models of electric motorcycles at the lowest price of IDR 5 million.

A complete list of 30 models of subsidized electric motorcycles.

1. Exotic Sterrato: IDR 5,590,000
2. Exotic Vito: IDR 5,790,000
3. Exotic Mizone: IDR 6,190,000
4. MX1200 AT: IDR 8,800,000
5. GreenTech Aero: IDR 9,403,999
6. GreenTech Scood: IDR 9,947,657
7. Volta 401: IDR 9,950,000.
8. Vice President of GreenTech: IDR 10,298,999
9. Volta 402: IDR 11,100,000.
10. Smooth fight: IDR 11,500,000
11. Volta 403: IDR 11,950,000.
12. Smooth Zuzu: IDR 12,900,000
13. Polytron: IDR 13,500,000
14. Celis Emax: IDR 13,500,000
15. Yadea T9: IDR 14,500,000
16. Wiar, first quarter: IDR 14,520,000
17. V5Lit engine: IDR 15,000,000.
18. Yadea E8S Pro: 16,900,000 Turkish rupees.
19. Rakata S9: IDR 20,500,000.
20. Gesits Raya: IDR 20,990,000
21. Celis Agats: IDR 21,790,000
22. Gesits G1: IDR 21,970,000
23. Atoms: IDR 22,000,000
24. Go Plus: IDR 22,499,000
25. Rakata X5: IDR 22,100,000
26. United T1800 A/T: IDR 23,500,000.
27. United TX1800 A/T: IDR 26,900,000.
28. AlvaOne: IDR 29,490,000
29. Alva Cervo: IDR 35,750,000
30. United TX3000 A/T: IDR 42,900,000.

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