Lily Collins: much more than Emily, the girl in Paris

He has been working in front of the cameras for more than a decade, but with the Netflix series “Emily in Paris”, whose second season recently premiered, his career reached a new level of notoriety. Lily Collins, daughter of the famous British musician Phil collins, is one of the actresses of the moment.

A little more than half a year after the world stopped due to the coronavirus crisis, Netflix included in its catalog a series that followed the life of Emily Cooper, an American marketing executive who moves to Paris. It was October 2020 and the romantic comedy had millions of viewers. It also received some criticism pointing to its use of cliches and stereotypes and lack of diversity.

react to criticism

“When you get feedback after the first season of a show, it allows you to make it better, listen, and creatively continue to feel like the show you set out to make, but it also allows you to change and have more voices heard”Collins told Vogue Australia last December, during the premiere of the second season.

“I really wanted diversity and inclusion in front of and behind the camera to be something that we really focused on, in many ways”, expressed to Elle, last November.

At the moment, the second season has received some comments similar to that of the first. The Ukrainian Minister of Culture has complained about the “insulting” caricatured image of a Ukrainian character, according to various media reports.

Collins’ name is already linked to “Emily”, but the actress has been in the world of acting for more than ten years. He was born in Guildford, England, on March 18, 1989, although he later moved to California, United States, after his parents’ divorce. His mother is the American architect and actress Jill Tavelman and her father, British musician and Genesis member Phil Collins.

She began acting while still a child and appeared in a British BBC series when she was two years old.

“My love for acting came from when I was younger. My mom and dad would read me books before I went to sleep, like a lot of parents do, and I would just disappear into this dream world in my head of what the movie would be like.”, he told in an interview in Shondaland in 2019.

Words also attracted him. He had his own column in the youth edition of a well-known magazine and later enrolled in Broadcast Journalism at the University of Southern California. He dropped out after the first year, after his acting work was gaining weight.

“One of my favorite classes in school was Language and Literature”, expressed the actress to the publication. “I also love journalism. For me, writing is a way to explore that while still acting. I never wanted to completely close the door on journalism, although now I am following the path of acting more. I really enjoy it.”

Lily with her family and father, singer Phil Collins.
Lily with her family and father, singer Phil Collins. (Shutterstock)

Rethink your pace of work

At the age of 20, in 2009, Collins played Phoebe Abrams, a recurring character in the series “90210″, from the franchise of the famous fiction of the nineties “Beverly Hills, 90210″.

That same year he shared a poster with Sandra Bullock in the film “Blind Side”, his premiere on the big screen. This title was followed by “Priest” and “Abduction”, in 2011; “Mirror Mirror” and “Stuck in Love”, in 2012; “The English Teacher” and “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones”, in 2013; “Love Rosie”, in 2014, and “Rules Don’t Apply”, two years later, among others.

“I think when I was younger I was much more focused on the future, because I desperately knew where I wanted to go and where I was headed”the actress told Vogue Australia. “That was my focus, and I lost sight of the present moments and the now. My true focus and passion was in my work. I don’t want to say that I didn’t enjoy being with my friends, of course I did, but I always felt very driven by work and the future”, commented on the publication.

His high pace of work, with several projects per year on many occasions, can be proof of his words. He appeared in the series “The Last Tycoon”, in 2016 and 2017, and in “To the Bone” and “Okja”, in 2017; he put his voice in “A Wizard’s Tale”, in 2018, and appeared in the series “Les Misérables”, in 2018; in 2019 he released “Extremely Wicked, Schockingly Evil and Vile” and “Tolkien” and, in 2020, “Inheritance” and “Mank”.

Lily Collins in a scene from "To The Bone".  The Netflix film about eating disorders premiered on Friday, July 14, 2017.
Lily Collins in a scene from “To The Bone”. The Netflix film about eating disorders premiered on Friday, July 14, 2017. (The Associated Press)

“But now what I really want to find in my future is what I have with my husband and my dog, so that has made me focus much more on the present, and the future will come.”, commented to the medium.

Collins married last September with the writer and director Charlie McDowell.

talk about anorexia

In 2017, speaking about her character in the movie “To the Bone”, which portrays the recovery process of a young woman with anorexia nervosa, Collins said that she had also suffered from this type of ailment.

“It was very important for me to be part of this film because, as a teenager, I suffered from eating disorders”he told Variety. “This is the first time I have talked about it. This is my time to talk about it.”

“It is important. It’s really important. It’s something a lot of young women go through and there’s no shame in it, and this movie is about it. It’s about embracing your past and realizing that it’s not something that defines who you are, it’s about your experiences, surrounding yourself with supportive people, and surviving and overcoming it.”, ended.

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