Liga MX Femenil Classics to spice up the SemifinalsHalftime

Six years later, they are there, brimming, gleaming, with brightly colored spotlights pointed at them; on December 5, 2016 the MX League he ventured with his version female and, although the road has presented some obstacles, today the circuit enjoys an unusual acceptance and sympathy.

It’s true, the theme of the monies follow in the limbothe brands still do not dare to put all their efforts to give more projection and power to the Liga MX Femenil, but it is also true that, with the passage of time, they went from being a somewhat opaque showcase, to one that boasts increasingly attractive numbersspeaking of hearings and drag, because it already has a captive audience, to which segments of all kinds are added equally on a recurring basis.

And precisely, to give more color to this girls’ soccer, one of the strongest television stations in the country, TUDNHe decided play it with a game on open TV: America vs Chivasversion semifinals of Going.

National Classic

America and Chivasregardless of branch or category, is the National Classic par excellence, but also in female mode, there is the plus that their rivalry was rounded off, almost always meeting in encounters with an extra spicy, with that modality that they have been to ‘kill or die’precisely in the Liguilla, although not in the Grand Final.

Those of the Herd They opened the tournament in 2017 being champions against Pachuca and right now it’s the reigning queensWell, in Clausura 2022 they still left the Gophers on the grass.

For their part, the Eagles They achieved the unthinkable defeat to the omnipotent tigersin the Opening 2018because they were more accurate on penalties.

this afternoon at the Aztec stadiummillionaires and rojiblancas will reissue the passion of their duels in the semifinalssigning the Going precisely in the Colossus of Santa Úrsula.

In regular season, in comparison of the Matchday 15the match finished 2-2, because Guadalajara matched Coapa’s in five minutes, the ones at the end of the game. This will be another story.

America vs Chivas

  • Date: Friday, November 4
  • Time: 6:00 p.m. (central Mexico)
  • Aztec stadium
  • Transmission: Channel 9 and VIX

between royal

Monterey Y tigers They are the wasteful teams, with an open portfolio, with powerful and talented squads, and therefore with the most winners, or at least always contenders.

In fact, seeing them in the Final is he aggregate to your already by itself Classic Royal and, although this time they will not be able to see each other again in the stellar commitment, they will continue to increase their rivalry.

those of The gang will open for a visit University Stadium with the intention of obtaining a result that gives them peace of mind to return home, because for them even okay the tienot so for felinesbecause their location in the table forces them to get the victory in the playoff.

scratched won so far two titlesdefeating Las Amazonas precisely in the important shot, the first, in the Opening 2019, and the second in the opening 2021; they triumphed in two of their five Finals.

In the case of universitythere are four glories: Clausura 2018, Clausura 2019, Guardians 2020 and Guardians 2021.

Tigres vs. Monterrey

  • Date: Friday, November 4
  • Time: 8:06 p.m.
  • Stadium: University
  • Broadcast: TUDN and VIX

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