Leonel Moreira released a ball and Canada did all the damage possible

The National Selection again failed in defense; the national team made a correct game, but a specific action, this time by Leonel Moreira, caused the Tricolor will leave three points on the road.

The Costa Rican goalkeeper could not completely grasp a center, the ball was rebounding for the Canadian striker Jonathan David, who calmly sent it to the back of the net with a left foot and put the final 1 to 0.

Leo jumped with a Canadian close by and a Tico behind him, in fact it was the pressure of the rival that caused his mistake. After the play, the national had two very good saves, however the National Team was unable to generate a single offensive action to remedy what happened in defense.

That was the clearest play that the Canadian team had and they did not waste it, in addition to the fact that the score unleashed the madness in the local stadium that became a hotbed for the National.

The blow for the national team is strong, especially because Panama triumphed in Honduras and separated by five units, that is, the canaleros already have a cushion date in which they can lose and will still remain in the playoff zone.

In addition, the bombshell also came from the bottom of the classification because the National was equaled on point by El Salvador and Jamaica, squads that reached six units by tying each other 1 to 1.

Orlando Galo, midfielder for the National Team, was emphatic that in eliminatory matches, not even a second of neglect can be given away because this takes its toll.

“You can’t blink, the goal was a quick move and we couldn’t stop it, in the end we looked for a draw but it didn’t happen. During the week we worked well, we did what the teacher told us, but an oversight takes its toll, “he assured Teletica Sports.

For Moreira, the tie has been complex, because on the previous date when he had to enter for Keylor Navas in the match against the United States, the goalkeeper could not stop a shot that entered his post and that meant the North American celebration.

Moreira has appeared in the current process as the substitute for Keylor over Aarón Cruz and Kevin Briceño, the others called by Luis Fernando Suárez.

On defense, Costa Rica had a dizzying game, however even that action had been able to sustain the onslaught of a Canadian team that played with the accelerator on most of the time, to the point that it had an abysmal difference in possession of the ball.

Costa Rica could count on Keylor Navas for next Tuesday, who decided on Thursday to join the national squad despite not being 100% recovered from an elbow ailment.

Although Keylor did not guarantee that he will participate upon arrival, he did explain that he has evolved in a good way and if he is fit he will be able to defend the Costa Rican goal in the vital match against Honduras at 7:05 pm

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