León 1-0 Puebla Liguilla LIVE today | 11/28/2021

7:37 PM2 minutes ago

30 ‘

León suffocates the Puebla defense and they get closer and closer to the second goal.

7:32 PM7 minutes ago

25 ‘

Gooooooooooool! de León, Angel Mena opens the scoring at minute 25 ‘1-0.

7:31 PM8 minutes ago

24 ‘

A possible hand was reviewed in the Puebla area, but the referee indicates that there was no fault.

7:27 PM12 minutes ago


León approaches the Puebla area, each time they are closer to opening the scoreboard.

7:22 PM17 minutes ago


Yellow card for Ferrareis de Puebla.

7:20 PM19 minutes ago

14 ‘

Vibrant game, which started with great intensity, little by little both teams begin to generate dangerous plays

7:17 PM22 minutes ago

10 ‘

First arrival of danger of the visiting team, but Rodolfo Cota is very attentive behind and saves his team.

7:12 PM27 minutes ago

6 ‘

Puebla little by little pressures the defense of the emeralds.

7:09 PM30 minutes ago


Starting the meeting, the locals quickly take possession of the ball.

7:06 PM32 minutes ago

Opening Whistle

The match between León and Puebla begins, corresponding to the Quarterfinals of the Round.

7:46 PM an hour ago

Those qualified for the semifinals

The teams that are already qualified for the semifinals are Pumas and Atlas, who in their respective matches surprised and eliminated the leaders America and Monterrey.

7:37 PM an hour ago

The teams are already warming up

Both teams jump onto the court to make the movements prior to the Quarterfinal match, it should be noted that no team has absences or casualties due to injury, so tonight on the Nou Camp stadium we will see the two teams complete and with your best weapons.

7:36 PM an hour ago

Puebla lineup

7:31 PM an hour ago

Local Lineup

7:26 PM an hour ago


Little by little the stands of the Nou Camp Stadium begin to fill, the emerald squad seeks to reach a semifinal again, on the other hand the poblanos want to return to a semifinal since the Clausura 2009, can the poblanos do the feat tonight in Lion?

7:21 PM an hour ago

Face to face

7:16 PM an hour ago


The central referee of this match will be Jorge Antonio Pérez Durán, your assistants will be Alberto Morin Mendez and Jonathan Maximiliano Gomez and finally the fourth referee will be Oscar Macías Romo.

7:11 PM an hour ago

Don’t take off from here to follow León vs Puebla live.

In a few moments we will share the initial line-ups of León vs Puebla, in addition to the most recent information that emerges from the Nou Camp Stadium, do not miss details of the match with the minute by minute, and live online from VAVEL.

7:06 PM2 hours ago

Nou Camp Stadium

7:01 PM2 hours ago

Where and how to watch León vs Puebla online and live:

5:56 PM2 hours ago

Be careful with this player from Puebla:

5:51 PM2 hours ago

Be careful with this player from León

7:46 PM2 hours ago

Puebla’s last lineup

7:41 PM2 hours ago

Leon’s last lineup

7:36 PM2 hours ago

Win or tie the two options for Puebla

7:31 PM2 hours ago

Victory is the only option for León

After losing 2-1 to Puebla in the first leg, the beast only has one option, which is to win at home, the draw does not work for them, so next Sunday he will have to take out his best pieces to be able to get the victory and qualify for the semifinals of Grita México 2021, remember that León uses its stadium as a fortress so it will be a heart match from start to finish for the visitors.

7:26 PM2 hours ago


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