Lenovo Legion Go could turn the handheld console market on its head

Besides the Nintendo Switch-like design, the AR glasses will also make it stand out from the crowd.

Images and various hardware details of Lenovo’s upcoming handheld console called the Lenovo Legion Go have been leaked for weeks, which according to the latest news will be officially unveiled next weekend at IFA 2023 in Berlin.

Evan Blass, one of the most famous and trusted rumor sources in the tech world, has now released a video of the device, and not just any.

In the past few days, we have already reported on what hardware Lenovo Legion Go will receive. The processor is almost the same as the ROG Ally chip, but the memory will be faster because LPDDR5X modules are used instead of LPDDR5. One of the biggest advances will be an 8.8-inch 144Hz display with VRR support and 2560×1440 resolution, but that’s not all we can play with.

As seen in the video, along with the console, Lenovo will also release Micro OLED AR glasses that will simulate a 1080p 60Hz display and will be able to capture images from any USB-C device. With that and the detachable controllers, we can expect a whole new gaming experience from the console. The glasses are expected to cost $500, while the console is expected to cost $800 when it launches in October.

We can’t wait to see if Lenovo has gunpowder up its sleeve for this weekend’s announcement.

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