Legionella deaths in Poland rise to 11 – Last Minute World News

An investigation into the epidemic continues in the city of Rzeszow in the southeast of the country.

A total of 11 people have died from legionella bacteria, authorities said.

In addition to Rzeszow, two people were also infected in the western city of Ostrow Wielkopolski, one in the eastern Lubelskie Voivodeship and one in the southeastern Lesser Poland Voivodeship.

In a post made today from the X account of the Polish Ministry of Health, it is indicated that “the source of infection is most likely the municipal water supply, and the first results of analyzes of water samples taken on August 18 confirm this.”

A statement dated August 25 recorded that 7 people had died from the bacteria.

Legionnaires’ disease, which starts with flu-like symptoms and progresses to pneumonia, can lead to respiratory and organ failure and death if left untreated.

Legionella bacteria, which are commonly found in man-made water systems, are most common in buildings where disinfection is less frequent so as not to reduce efficiency, and in buildings used by many people, such as hotels, hostels, and hospitals.

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