LeBron James responds to Isaiah Stewart’s claims that his hit was intentional


Following the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Detroit Pistons in NBA 2021, Isaiah Stewart accused LeBron James that the punch to the face was intentional, and The king he replied.

Lebron James.
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In the last match of last week between Los angeles lakers and Detroit Pistons by NBA 2021, Lebron James hit him in the face Isaiah Stewart, the blow left him bleeding, the pivot caused a scene trying to get revenge, and the novel continued all week.

While the story will continue when they meet again this Sunday, in the middle there were plenty of opinions about the conflict. First appeared Lebron, who made clear his disagreement with the suspension of a match he received, and also clarified that the hit was accidental, and tried to apologize to Stewart.

The punch in question generated him 8 stitches in the right eye to the pivot of the Eastern Conference, who after the statements of his attacker, decided to respond. “I personally didn’t feel like it was an accident.”, pronounced in relation to the theme of the week.

But now, the one who wants to have the last word is the # 6 of the Lakers, who found out about his rival’s comment and wanted to mention his point of view of the action again, but this time he gave it in great detail to there is no possible answer.

LeBron James responds to Isaiah Stewart for saying the hit was intentional

Following the loss to the Sacramento Kings on Friday, The king stated the following: “I saw his comments. He felt it was intentional … It was an accident. What was on purpose was my hand lowering, to get his arm off him, but my hand hitting his face was unintentional. “

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