LeBron James gave him the blessing and now he could leave the Los Angeles Lakers


Due to the uneven start to the 2021-22 NBA season, the Los Angeles Lakers leader, who received the blessing of LeBron James, would be on the line and could leave the team.

Frank Vogel and LeBron James
© Kevork Djansezian / Getty ImagesFrank Vogel and LeBron James

In 20 games Los angeles lakers went from being one of the top candidates to win the title NBA 2022 to have the team leader on the tightrope and with the possibility of leaving the franchise. The irregularity and lack of chemistry of the ‘Big-3’ from LeBron James, Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis they have the hot seat for Frank Vogel.

Vogel’s first season with the Lakers was sensational and after a regular season record of 52 wins and 19 losses, the Los Angeles team walked through the Playoffs and became the champion team of the season. NBA 2019-20 by beating Miami Heat in 6 games.

In Frank Vogel’s second year trouble came and after finishing the regular season with 42 wins and 30 losses, Los angeles lakers they lost in the first round of the Playoffs against the Phoenix Suns 4-2. Things in the NBA 2021-22 season are not improving for the DT.

Although Lebron James blessed him as the team leader in the 2019-20 season by stating that “He was able to handle obstacles all the time”The 10-win, 10-loss mark in the 2021-22 NBA through the game against the Sacramento Kings on Friday, Nov. 26, has Frank Vogel trembling.

Frank Vogel would be on the tightrope to continue with the Los Angeles Lakers

“There is a growing rumor in coaching circles about mounting pressure on Frank Vogel given Lakers worrying 10-10 start given the lack of flexibility of Los Angeles to make changes to the list “said Marc Stein, an NBA journalist, about the danger that the Los Angeles Lakers coach runs in his position as coach.

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