“Leave Us Alone”, Gomita Fears for Her Life and Sends a Message to Her Father

The famous Clown, Gomita wrote a very direct message that right now is crossing borders in which she asks her father to leave her alone

In recent weeks, Gomita has not had a good time because she brought up the violence that she and her mother experienced next to her father, Mr. Alfredo Ordaz, who has a restraining order and cannot approach anyone Of the two.

This time the Influencer was very clear in a message she shared through her Instagram stories, which is crossing borders, since now there are many who have found out that she fears for her life and that of her mother, according to her their dad is looking for them no matter he has a restraining order.

In this message, the also model was very direct when writing, and asks her father to leave them alone and to stop looking for them, reminding him that there is a restraining order against him, so he should not be looking for them.

The famous one assures in those lines that she had to leave the country to forget everything that happened and focus on her work, but apparently, Mr. Alfredo Ordaz found her mother’s whereabouts, so they both fear the reaction that may occur. have, since the mother and daughter accusations affirm that she is a violent person.  

The reactions to this message that Gomita wrote were immediate and he quickly received the affection of his entire audience, which is always attentive to everything he does.

Let’s remember that she is one of the most creative celebrities when it comes to sharing her content, and she always has a new activity to give to her loyal fans. which are on the lookout for your publications, as it is very risky.

Undoubtedly, with this message written through her social networks, Gomita put a stop to her father again and demands that he move away and stay out of the activities that she and her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Chavero, do.

Surely the famous will be sharing with all the reactions that Lapizito and Lapizin’s father have, who are brothers of the beautiful Payasita who is in Colombia fighting for her peace and tranquility.

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