League of Legends is once again the most watched game on Twitch thanks to Worlds 2021

DOTA 2 also raises its numbers by celebrating its World Cup on Amazon’s video service.

Important changes between the most successful video games in Twitch during October. According to StreamElements and Rainmaker.gg, League of Legends regained the first place in the top, lost for months in favor of Grand theft auto v, last month thanks to the momentum generated by the World Championship 2021, the MOBA World Cup held in recent weeks in Iceland.

The production of Riot Games had an increase in its audience of up to 95%, a total of 205 million hours of video consumed, leaving behind GTA 5 with 134 million hours. Behind the Rockstar action title was another MOBA, DOTA 2, after adding more than 97 million hours of video, 189% compared to September, driven in this case by the celebration of the The International 2021.

League of Legends

Returning to LOL, in November we will have to see what impact Arcane has had, the animated series for Netflix set in its universe, which we remember premiered its first episode for free on Twitch through the channels of the content creators.

On the other hand, Riot Games is these months expanding the reach of LOL. In this sense, MOBA can already be played in the Epic Games Store, while LOL: Wild Rift has generated 150 million dollars in its first year of life on mobile phones and will later arrive on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

New World remains in the top-10

The StreamElements and Rainmaker.gg report also highlights New World as the fourth most consumed video game on the platform. The MMO debuted at the end of September, so this was his first full month on the Amazon service.

Finally, Twitch saw its numbers improve by 19% compared to the same previous period, while Facebook Gaming raised its figures to 61%.

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