Leaders want to earn too much money with a player: MorenoMediotiempo

In Mexican soccer one of the issues has always been the few mexican players that go out to european footballas is the case in countries like Uruguay, Argentina or Brazil, to which Héctor Moreno listed the factors, one of them is the obstacles that exist because the owners of the teams want to earn millions with a single soccer player.

The defender of scratched and of the Mexican team He also commented that since its formation they are not helped nor do they allow them to develop in the best way, as if it happens in Uruguay, where the population is 5 million and each transfer market sells elements to the Old Continent.

“Start from the ground up, from young they are not taughtthey are not helped and nor are they allowed to grow like in those countries, that’s why they have so many players with so little population. Then it’s genetics, food, a thousand things that need to be improved in the country, which could be done quietly, but culture entersprocesses, corruption, many things”, he commented with Franco Escamilla.

The issue of exporting players to Europe is difficultbecause when there is the possibilityforever there are obstacles With money issues, offers, I understand soccer is a business and I am nobody to criticize the leaders, but at certain times, cwith a player trying to win too much money with a player instead of thinking long term. Instead of selling, of making connections, of having a clause or a percentage of the next sale, thus being able to extend the name of the mexican soccer in Europe”.

Dark played in the A-Z Alkmaar, Spanish, PSVRome and Real society in Europe, where he noted that Mexican soccer players are not recognizedsince watching the Mexican league is complicated, but not Major League Soccer (MLS).

The Mexican soccer player is not recognized in EuropeUnfortunately, I think it could do a lot more recognition. For time issues does not follow the Mexican Leaguefor ideological reasons. I am not saying that the one in the United States is better, but it is seen more, it is known more, because they care about it, in the schedules, in the television rights. It’s difficult to understandaddress, because of more than one hundred million Mexicans you cannot have many more people transcending abroad, ”he declared.

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