Laugh at the anniversary ceremony of the Republic of Indonesia, which has a long tail for Mayang


Mayang Luciana’s behavior during the laughter at the 78th Indonesian Independence Day ceremony had a long tail. The police were informed about the younger sister of the late Vanessa Engel.

Mayanga received reports of alleged harassment of the national symbol. Police are currently investigating the allegation of a reporter named Jaenudin.

Jaenudin’s report was registered under number LP/B/5046/VIII/2023/SPKT/POLDA METRO JAYA dated August 26, 2023. Jaenudin informed Mayang and Loli about the existing case. Both were arrested in connection with Article 66 of Law No. 24 of 2009 on flags, languages ​​and state symbols, as well as the national anthem.

Article 66 follows:

“A person who damages, tears, tramples, sets fire to, or commits other acts with the intent to tarnish, insult or humiliate the honor of the National Flag, as specified in paragraph “a” of Article 24, shall be punished by imprisonment for a term of up to five years. (five) years or a fine not exceeding 500,000,000.00 (five hundred million rupees).”

Virus in social media

The actions of Mayang and her friends laughing at the Indonesian Independence Day ceremony went viral on social media. In the circulating video, Mayang and her friends are in a hotel room.

Mayang lay on the bed with three of her friends. Then they, laughing, imitated a greeting.

Considered an offensive state symbol

Reporter Jaenudin assessed that Mayang and Loli’s actions violated state symbols.

“It is believed that he committed an unacceptable act that offended the state symbol. Because at that time he laughed while watching the process of the flag-raising ceremony. And there, the words ready … ready … ready. , laugh a lot, giggling ,” Jenoudin told reporter on Monday (August 28).

“After all, the ceremony was one whole: the red and white flag, and the song “Paradise of Indonesia”, and even the president, who saluted. There was no correlation, he also laughed, for what purpose,” he added.

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