Latvian boat pilots compete in the F2 World Championship

Last weekend in Lithuania, in the water area of ​​the Klaipeda City Port, the first stage of the F2 Speedboat World Championship was held, in which 19 pilots from 12 countries took part.

Latvia was represented in this competition by Nikita Lijc and Dainis Podzhuks, for whom it was the debut at the World Championship in the F2 class of speedboats and who, according to the qualification results, started in the competition from the tenth and sixteenth starting places. respectively.

Former F2 and F1 speedboat pilot Ugis Gross worked as a radio operator in Dainyas Podzhuk’s team.

The conditions on the competition course were unusual and difficult for many athletes, as there is a very active movement of ships in the water area of ​​the port of Klaipeda, creating continuous waves in different directions. Despite the fierce battle, only one boat, driven by the athlete, crashed during the competition, and the athlete did not receive serious injuries.

Although the start in free practice and qualifying was not easy for Dain Pojuk, with each lap he managed to build up the pace and gain confidence in the fight against more experienced riders.

Despite the difficult conditions, Dainis Podzuks showed a remarkable result, finishing ninth and scoring 2 points in the overall World Championship standings.

Rashed Al Kemzi (UAE) ranked first, followed by Stefan Arand (Estonia) and Giacomo Sacchi (Monaco). Nikita Liich dropped out of the competition before the finish line.

The F2 is one of the most prestigious speedboat classes, with a top speed of over 200 km/h. This year, four rounds of the World Championship are planned in this class – the next one will take place on the 2nd-3rd. in September in the Italian city of San Nazzaro, but the last stages will be held in Portugal in the second half of September.

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