La Nación / ComicCon Paraguay confirms schedules and prepares red carpet

ComicCon Paraguay will fill next weekend with a feast of series, movies, anime, zombies, cosplay, actors, voice actors, illustration, heroes, villains and much more. The first edition of the event published the schedules for its two days, Saturday, November 26 and Sunday, November 27 at Conmebol, while this Friday the 25th it will extend a red carpet on the first floor of the Hotel Dazzler.

It is an event that celebrates pop culture worldwide and arrives in Paraguay bringing days full of entertainment for fans. Tomorrow, at 9:00 p.m., there will be the presentation of artists, a musical show and an opportunity for interviews with artists for the press.

Then, on Saturday, with the opening of the gates at 5:00 p.m., the public will be able to access conferences, meet and greets, a fair, exhibitions, talks, workshops, the cosplay championship final, movie car exhibition, artistic interventions , brand activations, k-pop, food park space, among other special activities.

The programming has already been published on the @comicconparaguay profile on Instagram and also on this website. Tickets are on sale at Red UTS. However, the tickets for the Red Carpet are sold out.

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Among the artists that are part of the poster are the actors, Ross Marquand (“The Walking Dead”), Jim Mahfood, known as Food One, the renowned Marvel Comics cartoonist; the dubbing actors Mario Castañeda (Goku), Isabel Martiñón (Naruto), Gerardo Reyero (“Sailor Moon”, “Han Solo”), Sebastián Llapur (Darth Vader, Krosty from “The Simpons”, Diego from “Ice Age ”).

Also cartoonists Ariel Olivetti and Juan Ferreyra, screenwriter David Lloyd and cosplay references such as César Franco, Asuka and Cayo Pantoja. Among the national artists were Roberto Goiriz, Leo Sobrino, Kike Olmedo, Samuel Araya, and interesting projects such as Faune (France). The complete list is published on the web:

Entertainment is also guaranteed for the older ones, since they will be able to enjoy a Robotech exhibition, there will be characters from the 501 Outpost legion, artists from El Bachenauta, movie cars, merch, among other activities.

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The film “La lista” of national production and with a release date in our theaters for January 10 will also be presented. Director Michael Hardy will give a brief talk about his experience and the video clip of the original song “Distopia” by the band Nhandei Zha, which contains images from the film, will be screened exclusively.

Tickets per day cost G. 156,000 (General) and G. 312,000 (Vip); General Combo at G. 291,200 and VIP Combo at G. 603,200. Club Personal members have access to a 15% discount on tickets for ComicCon Paraguay. It is a production, idea and creative development of Club Media.

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