La Aurora Airport expects a large influx of travelers for the end of the year holidays and reiterates requirements to enter and leave the country

The end of the year holidays represent a considerable increase in travelers arriving in Guatemala and also those leaving the country and that is why the Civil Aeronautics authorities reported that La Aurora International Airport is already prepared for the high influx of passengers.

The authorities reported that due to the holidays and the end of the year breaks, an increase in the influx of travelers is expected and that both Aeronautics prepared with the updated protocols to streamline the processes of tourists in the context of the pandemic.

They explained that, according to the latest report, 95,142 passengers entered in October and 92,973 departed through commercial flights.

From November 1 to date, 39 thousand 586 passengers entered and 37 thousand 245 left.

They assure that this figure will increase drastically in the last three fortnights of the year.

The authorities mentioned that the main recommendation to avoid delays in the process of leaving the country is to maintain close communication with your airline to establish the policies applied by each one, regardless of the destination to which they are going.

Exit requirements

  • To leave the country, the authorities recommend that each traveler contact their airline and coordinate with them the requirements that they must meet, depending on the country they are traveling to.
  • In the case of those who go to the United States, they are required to:
  • Present proof of the complete vaccination schedule
  • Negative covid-19 test performed three days before the trip
  • The vaccines accepted in the country are Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Sinovac and Sinopharm.
  • Minors do not need to be vaccinated, but they must take the covid-19 test within three days prior to the trip.
  • The use of a mask is mandatory in airplanes and airports.

Requirements to enter Guatemala

  • Negative covid-19 antigen test or PCR, no longer than three days. (Applies to people over 10 years old)
  • If you have already been vaccinated against the coronavirus, you must present proof of a complete schedule (or a single dose such as Johnson & Johnson)
  • The last dose of the scheme (or the unit dose) must have a minimum administration of 2 weeks before starting the trip.

Exceptions to the above requirements

  • Guatemalans and residents who demonstrate traveling for emergency situations.
  • Guatemalans and residents not admitted in other countries
  • Diplomats accredited in the country

The use of a mask is mandatory for people over 2 years of age, but except for those who have a medical contraindication.

It is recommended not to travel if you have any symptoms of acute respiratory illness or suspected covid-19.

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