Kristina Regötsi and András Sallai – Instead of money, they were paid by the love of people

Even today, Cristina Regoci dreams a lot about skating and training, and even has nightmares about not playing music before skating. Going out on the ice is no longer among his desires. However, people’s love preserves his wonderful memories of the past. “To this day, people still recognize me, caress and kiss me. Just this week I had Sally Bundy and it was mentioned how amazing it is for us that people remember and hear touching stories from the past. One of my favorites was when I met a very nice woman in the village and she told me that there is no TV in their village and they have to go through the dark forest to the next village to watch us. Then it was a different world, it was a TV channel with a break for Monday. People also followed the sport a lot more and I think they liked us a lot, so they followed our career. It was our price, even if it sounds ugly, for the amount of work we once put into ice dancing,” said Cristina Regoci to Abaházi Presszó.

Fortunately, the moment also came when they could really capitalize on what the duo knew about ice dancing: in America after the 1980 Olympics, they quickly became the stars of a revue series. And since they enjoyed great success not only at home, but also abroad, they even managed to escape punishment. “There have been three or four very famous ice revues in the world. We got offers from all of them and we chose America because we thought maybe we could reach more places in Europe. It was a huge opportunity to travel all over America and Canada. When we had free time, Bundy and I rented a car, drove and saw what we could. So we didn’t live the revue like 80 percent of our peers would go to bars after the show. However, Bandy liked to drive a little faster than he should have in America. And one day a police car ran through us. As usual, they asked for documents, looked at them for a long time, even looked into the car several times before the policeman said: “Isn’t that you?” Christina Regoci recalled an adventurous story in which even an American policeman recognized them. “However, we did not receive any punishment after that,” he added.

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