Know the particular foods that Angelina Jolie has had to eat: insects

Angelina Jolie says that crickets go well with a good beer.

We’re always curious about celebrity food suggestions, and even more curious to see how they cook. So when Angelina Jolie offered to do a bit of both in a clip for the BBC, promoting his 2017 movie First They Killed My Fatherwe observe her eating and cooking quite particular “foods”.

The actress went with her children to Cambodia to record the clip. “See the hard part where you have the teeth? Get your fangs out.”he told and showed Angelina to the twins Knox and Vivienne, as they prepared to cook some spiders. And Jolie-Pitt’s younger siblings are all in, with Vivienne even helping mom toss them into the pan later in the video.

It turns out that Jolie she is no stranger to Cambodian critters. “I ate them for the first time when I was in the country,” says the actress. “Crickets: You start with crickets. Crickets and a beer, and then you move on to the tarantulas.”

At that time, his children had already upgraded to the larger insects, and Jolie she asked her daughter Shiloh if she wanted to share a spider with her as the then-10-year-old dove into the freshly cooked insect without hesitation.

The actress is later seen saying that the scorpion is more “hard to chew” while the youngest enjoy the insect exhibition. According to his son, Knox, all the insects he had the facility to eat had flavor and texture “dry chips. Flavourless French fries.”

Angelina Jolie eating a tarantula. Source: BBC

Angelina Jolie is not at all picky to eat. Source: RTVE

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