Klay Thompson’s dad ‘thanks’ Minnesota Timberwolves for 2022 NBA title from Golden State Warriors


Through his Twitter account, Mychal Thompson recalled that the Minneapolis franchise missed the chance to sign Stephen Curry and his son, in addition to transferring Andrew Wiggins.

Mychal Thompson and his son Klay celebrating the 2022 NBA title
© Adam Glanzman/Getty ImagesMychal Thompson and his son Klay celebrating the 2022 NBA title

The story tells that Golden State Warriors became the new dynasty of the National Basketball Association (NBA)winning four titles in the last eight seasons, with figures such as Klay Thompsonwhich could have had a different destination, for example in minnesota timberwolves.

It is that if we are rigorously strict, the Minneapolis franchise had the chance during the last decade to get the services of two of the best players in history, such as the aforementioned escort and nothing less than Stephen Currywho were allowed to pass in the Draft.

In 2009, Timberwolves chose the Spanish Ricky Rubio Y Johnny Flynn over the top three-point scorer in NBA history; while in 2011, they chose the power forward Derrick Williams over Thompson. But there is more, they exchanged Andrew Wiggins by D’Angelo Russell. A madness that was perfectly understood by Klay’s father.

Klay’s dad thanks Timberwolves for Warriors title

We talk about Michael Thompsonchampion with Los Angeles Lakers in 1987 and 1988, who used his Twitter account to confront the Minnesota squad for these mistakes committed in the past and that allowed San Francisco to win four championships in eight years.

“Yes of course, the Warriors have to send a ring to Minnesota (sic)… And… Well, They PASS Steff (sic) and Klay in the Draft… And they traded Wiggins to Golden State… So yes… Minnesota (sic) should also get a ringThompson’s dad wrote on the social network.

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