Kit Connor, the latest victim of LGBT cyberbullying

Heartstopper has become one of the greatest icons of the representation of the LGBT community, since the series knows how to portray the youthful spirit and self-discovery that Alice Oseman’s novel presents; achieved thanks to the talent of Joe Locke and Kit Connor, an actor who declared himself openly bisexual due to the constant pressure (and even threats) he received through social networks.

The reason is related to queerbaiting, a technique that different industries and companies use to gain more consumers belonging to the LGBT communitysuch as the case of Six Flags Mexico, where a case of homophobia was reported in December 2021 despite the fact that every June, the park is painted with the colors of the rainbow.

“Congratulations on forcing an 18-year-old boy out of the closet”

It is logical that most queer people feel annoyed by the lack of genuine representation in series and movies, where it is known that throughout history there has been constant repression of sexual diversity; however, fans of the Netflix series bordered on the absurd by suing Connor to clarify his sexualitythis after photographs were released with the actress Maia Reficco.

Kit Connor and Maia Reficco in Paris.  / RRSS
Kit Connor and Maia Reficco in Paris. / RRSS

The harassment was such that the actor had to clarify what bisexual is and did not hide his annoyance at the aggressive messages he received from Internet users, assuring that “they had lost the point of the show”; something that is totally correct, since the character he plays in the series goes through the complex situation of having to come out of the closet, where his partner does not pressure him at any time since he knows how intimate this process is for each person.

Toxicity within the LGBT community

This is not the first time that something like this has happened. One of the most recent and controversial cases was that of the actress Rebel Wilson, who on June 9, 2022 published a photograph of her with her girlfriend, the designer Ramona Agruma. However, days later it was revealed that Wilson had been pressured by an Australian newspaper to make this publicbecause they would publish a note, ironically, where queer journalists collaborated.

Similar cases have occurred with Luis Gerardo Mendez, Kristen Stewart, Christian Chavez, Pole Morin either Neil Patrick Harris; However, in the case of Kit Connor, it was not the media or journalists, but people who should understand the complexities of sexuality in adolescence, and the fears that it implies; more when today attempts continue to embarrass the orientations or preferences affective-sexual people; and if you think it’s not, just ask yourself why a scandal is raised when someone declares that he is not heterosexual.

As members of the LGBT community, it is important not to continue the patterns of violence that have stigmatized us throughout history. Kit and many more are free to live their lives without labels outside their profession. @worldwide

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