Kimberly Flores Sends a Strong Message to Her Detractors on Instagram

On this occasion, the popular Guatemalan model, Kimberly Flores was not silent and sent an important message to her haters through her social networks.

The popular Guatemalan model, Kimberly Flores decided not to remain silent and sent a forceful message to all her detractors through her social networks, because in recent months she has received countless malicious comments from haters.

It is well known that the beautiful internet celebrity was involved in some controversy after her participation in the reality show ‘La Casa de Los Famosos’, where she was falsely accused of being unfaithful to her husband Edwin Luna, which has caused it has been in the public eye ever since. 

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Fortunately, the famous couple is in one of the best stages of their relationship and so far they have ignored the harsh criticism they receive every day from thousands of Internet users on digital platforms.


Through the stories of her personal account on the camera’s social network, the wife of the vocalist and leader of the Trakalosa de Monterrey shared a couple of photographs, showing them and proudly showing off one of the gifts she had received from a fanatic.

This gift consisted of a beautiful mug that had a photograph of the successful marriage along with a phrase that fit like a glove, which he read aloud to send the hint to each of his haters.

“With this phrase, we started the month, this mug was given to me by a fan, well he gave us two mugs, one for me and one for Edwin and look how beautiful what it says,” Kimberly commented before reading the message aloud.

“Those who criticize let you know that they have a lot of what they lack,” Flores repeated the legend that was written on the mug.

As expected, the message caused a stir among users and their devoted admirers, who did not take long to react and agree with the beautiful fitness model from Guatemala.

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