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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un openly criticized the leaders of South Korea, the United States and Japan as “gang bosses”, showing strong wariness of the three countries’ joint training.

He also stressed the need for more naval power against Korea, the US and Japan, and analysts say the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons at sea is inevitable.

Reporter Kim Kyung-jin reports.


Kim Jong-un, who visited the naval command on the occasion of North Korea’s Navy Day, and his daughter Joo Ae also accompanied him to a public function about three months later.

In his speech, Chairman Kim addressed three countries: Korea, the United States and Japan, stating that the waters of the Korean Peninsula had become a nuclear war risk zone due to the confrontational maneuvers of hostile powers such as the United States.

The leaders of the three countries criticized the agreement to regularize joint training at Camp David in the United States on the 18th, even with the last words of “gangster leaders”.

For the first time, the South was named the Republic of Korea.

(Joseon Central Television: “Recently, gangster leaders from the United States, Japan, and South Korea got together to announce that various joint military exercises between the three parties will be streamlined…”)

At the same time, he stated that in the future it should be called “sea, land and air” and not “land, sea and air”, and that the navy should play the biggest role in protecting sovereignty and make efforts to ” floating fleet.

In addition, it was revealed that new weapons would be supplied to the Navy, and the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons at sea, such as submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs), was also announced.

The South Korean government viewed Chairman Kim’s remarks as low level and regarded them as evidence of a crisis in the epoch-making development of cooperation between Korea, the United States and Japan.

(Im Soo-seok/Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson: “We deeply regret that North Korea has slandered the leaders of South Korea, the United States and Japan in such a gross way.”)

South Korea, the United States and Japan held a maritime defense exercise today to counter North Korea’s nuclear missile threat on the high seas south of Jeju.

This is Kim Kyung Jin from KBS News.

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