Kevin Rojas dreams of Club América

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Kevin Rojas, a former footballer who had his stint in the Águilas del América, wants to return to Coapa, but as a coach.

Kevin Rojas dreams of being a coach in America.
© MexsportKevin Rojas dreams of being a coach in America.

Everyone who passes by America club dreams of returning. AND Oscar Adrián Rojas is no exception. He himself confessed it in a talk he had with the Mediotiempo newspaper, in which he not only referred to the return, but also, in what formats and what is the path he intends to take, already in his stage as a former footballer.

“Hopefully and later it can be given, I recently finished the technical course, I did another MBP of methodology in grassroots football, so yes, my intention is that, to prepare well. At the time I made the decision to search and hopefully the doors open to carry out what I learned “, He launched Kevin, who had his way through the cream blue in 2001 and between 2004 and 2012.

In that line, Oscar Adrián Rojas, also admitted that, so far, he has not obtained offers to practice in his new facet: “It has not been possible to talk with a team, my intention is to start with young people, with children, as in their youth to see my coaches how they taught me, the great part of this I want to be is that , start with the kids “.

He also clarified that he understands that he started a path that will be long: “That is my idea, but I am also aware that I start from scratch, my idea is to start with the kids, of course I would like to start in the Basic forces from AmericaOf course, yes, but if it is not there, look elsewhere and if it opens, welcome. Learn both for the good and for the bad and later a First Division and if it is in America I am delighted “.

To close, he revealed which coach he would like to copy: “They touched me quite a few, but they did remain very marked in my career, for example. Mario Carrillo placeholder image He was one of the people that I really liked how he performed with the player, how he worked, and so on others, I learned from many, and I think I see myself as with that idea, to carry out what they did more than I have been learning”.

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