Kelvin confesses that he is attracted to Manelyk

“That woman has it all,” he told Kelvin Noé Renteria one of the former participants of “Exatlón United States” that sneaked in last Wednesday in “The house of the famous” from Telemundo. The conversation did not lend itself to misinterpretation. It was obvious that they were talking about the Mexican influencer Manelyk González, who since she became one of the inhabitants has not stopped expressing her attraction to the athlete.

At first, the first runner-up in “the fiercest competition on the planet” had remained neutral in the face of the situation. In fact, on more than one occasion he mentioned that “someone out there” was waiting for him. However, during the last month of the “reality” that will come to an end next Monday, the “Cowboy”, as he is known in the entertainment industry, began to show a change of attitude with the celebrity.

Breakfasts, exercise routines and fashion advice. The above are only three of the attentions that Renteria has had with González at the residence. From social networks, the followers of the television space wondered again and again in what moments both celebrities would decide to express their feelings.

The wait ended today, “gala night” at “The house of the famous”, now renamed “The house of the finalists”, when the channel’s hosts Jorge Bernal and Veronica Bastos They challenged “Mane”. According to the communicators they were giving him indications, the expert in beauty and fashion issues, flirted with the athlete, who became more and more nervous.

“Your friends from ‘Exatlón’ or me?”, “I need to know,” González insisted until it finally happened. The former member of the “Contending” was filled with courage and told him: “You attract me and I like you.” The participants kissed on the mouth and agreed to speak outside the house.

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