Kate Hudson responds very sincerely to the controversy of the ‘Nepo Babies’ after being singled out

Kate Hudson She knew international fame in 2003 with her star film ‘How to lose a boy in 10 days’, since then, the actress has become quite a 2000s rom-com icon with productions such as ‘My best friend’s girlfriend’ from 2008 or ‘War of girlfriends’, together with the great Anne Hathaway.

It is undeniable that Hudson He has a great professional career behind him. and it is not in his plans to leave aside the interpretation and it is that the star end the year in the best way with the new blockbuster ‘Knives in the Back: The Mystery of the Glass Onion’ which just premiered on Netflix.

The tape is being a success and it is already in the top 1 of the most popular films in Spain. A few days ago, as you can see in the video above, we were lucky enough to interview Hudson alongside Daniel Craigwho revealed to us very curious details about the filming.

Interview Daniel Craig and Kate Hudson

Interview Daniel Craig and Kate Hudson | Isabel S. Samaniego

And it is that if anything characterizes Hudson it is his spontaneity and naturalness, the actress he is never shy about speaking or giving his opinion even on quite controversial topics. Now, it has not been different and the interpreter has wanted to make her opinion known about the controversial article published by ‘New York Magazine’ on the ffamous “Nepo Babies”, in which she has been mentioned.

The Nepo Babies are people who take advantage of the fame or privileged position of their family nucleus. To understand each other, the Nepo Baby concept is typical: “He is famous because he is the son/brother/nephew of…”, without taking into account the own talent of that person, simply He is famous thanks to that relative, not because of his work.

In an interview for ‘The Independent’ He has made it clear what his opinion is regarding the debate: “I don’t care where you come from o What is your relationship with the business; if you work hard and ask for it, it doesn’t matter“.

After the actress was added to the list of the controversial article for being the daughter of the Oscar winner, Goldie Hawn, she has spoken very sincere: “I really do not care. I look at my children and we are a family that tells stories. It’s definitely in our blood. People can call it what they want, but it ain’t gonna change it“.

In addition, the interpreter has admitted that she thinks that This phenomenon is seen with greater quantity in other industries: “I see it in other businesses a lot more than I see it in Hollywood, maybe in fashion for example”.

“Sometimes I have been in business meetings where I say, ‘Wait, whose son is this?’ What, ‘This person doesn’t know anything!'”the actress ends up admitting.

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