Kate Hudson and Jamie Lee Curtis responded harshly to an article that talks about nepotism in Hollywood

Kurt Russell with his stepdaughter, Kate Hudson

Kurt Russell with his stepdaughter, Kate Hudson – Credits: @Grosby Group

A few days ago, an article raised quite a few blisters in Hollywood. The specialized medium vulture published a note titled the year of the nepobabies, in which he highlights the remarkable level of nepotism in the movie mecca, and gives an extensive list of celebrities who are the daughters and sons of other celebrities. Among the innumerable examples that the medium cites, there are figures of all ages, such as Zoe Kravitz, dakota johnson, George Clooney, liza minelli, Angelina Jolie, Lily – Rose Depp, Billie Lourd Y Maya Hawke.

Throughout the central note and others that accompany it, the author establishes differences with respect to who are talented figures who took advantage of family fame to launch their own career, and separates them from others who might not have been successful in the media, if it weren’t for carrying a surname with a Hollywood pedigree. As expected, there were not a few voices that expressed their deep discomfort with that note, and among them there were two that sounded with their own weight.

Kate Hudson in a Michael Kors dress

Kate Hudson – Credits: @AP

In an interview with The Independent, Kate Hudson was consulted regarding the nepobabies, and opined: “It really is something that I do not care about.” daughter of Bill Hudson Y Goldie Hawnand stepdaughter of kurt russellthe protagonist of Glass Onion He expressed: “I look at my children and I realize that we are a family of storytellers. It is something that we definitely carry in our blood. People can call it what they want, but this is not something that is going to change.

Later, and without distancing himself from the nepotism controversy, but trying to keep cool, Hudson added: “In fact, I think there are other areas in which this is much more common. Maybe in modeling? I see it in the business world, much more than it is in Hollywood. Sometimes I found myself in meetings where I realized that there were people who didn’t know anything, and who were surely someone’s daughter”. And finally, the interpreter of almost famous He concluded: “I don’t care what your relationship is with the field in which you work, if you really do your best and stand out, it doesn’t matter where you come from.”

For his part, Jamie Lee Curtis she was much more emphatic in her indignation at the note. And to express her point of view, the protagonist of Halloween turned to social media. In a photo in which she is with her parents, Tony Curtis Y janet leightwo true stars of classic Hollywood, Lee Curtis wrote: “I have been a professional actress since I was 19 years old, and that makes me a nepobaby of the founding line. I never understood, and I still don’t know, why I was hired that first day, but from those two sentences I uttered in that initial job, until this last spectacular year, 44 years have passed in which there is not a single day of my life. professional, where I don’t remember that I am the daughter of two movie stars. All this dialogue based on nepotism was only elaborated to belittle, denigrate and hurt”.

Jamie Lee Curtis, in a scene from Halloween (1978)

Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween (1978), a film that brought him his first success in Hollywood – Credits: @Diego Araya/NETFLIX

Very candid about her journey in Hollywood, and proud of her family, Jamie added: “It’s funny how we assume and are sarcastic about someone who just because they’re related to a celebrity doesn’t have talent on their own. I have learned that is not true. I have prepared for all kinds of roles among hundreds and hundreds of people, and I have tried to bring professionalism, integrity, love and artistry to my work. I’m not alone. There are many of us who strive in our work. Proud of our heritage and determined to believe that we have a right to exist.”

Finally, the actress stressed that it is important to “be kind” in this time when hatred abounds in the world. Undoubtedly, the controversy of the nepobabies in Hollywood it threatens to grow, and it would not be surprising if other children of celebrities join the list of those who decide to cross the fiery article.

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