Karol G showed all his injuries and bruises after falling during his concert in Miami

Karol G poses backstage for the 2021 Billboard Music Awards in Los Angeles, California.

Photo: Rich Fury / Getty Images

The fall of Karol G It is still a topic of conversation on social networks, mainly because while several Internet users worried about his health wishing him good messages of support, unfortunately others took the audacity to make fun of her and criticize her as much as possible.

Seeing the great clash of egos that Karol G’s stumble entailed while performing at her concert at the FTK Arena last Friday, the 30-year-old Colombian singer did not want to hide anymore from her spectacular accident and He showed his followers all the bruises and scratches that he suffered after falling on the stage.

Karol G used his Instagram account to share with his 44 million followers on that social network all his injuries while he was getting ready to continue promoting his ‘Bichota Tour’ tour. Later, in these images, the singer can be seen wearing a black silk dress, totally barefoot and with the big smile that characterizes the woman. current winner of the Latin Grammy 2021.

Everything seems to indicate that the spectacular fall of Karol G has already stopped affecting her in the least, since that little incident was taken with all the attitude in the world. Proof of this was a recent photograph published last Saturday in her Instagram stories, where the Colombian artist can be seen descending the stairs of her plane at the Coliseum in Puerto Rico and accompanied the image with a humorous phrase of her incident in Miami “From these stairs I did not fall. So today we break up in Puerto Rico“He added.

The fall of the interpreter born in Medellín gave much to talk about in the media and in much of the headlines. All this happened last Friday when Carolina Giraldo Navarro, better known in the art scene as Karol G, was singing her worldwide hit ‘Now I’m calling’ during her concert at the FTK Arena, in Miami.

Later, the artist tripped over one of his shoes and fell rolling down all the stairs while he was dancing to the rhythm of his single. Seconds after having suffered the fall, one of the dancers helped her up, and without flinching in the least, Karol G managed to stand up and continued singing the song. The faithful spectators saw his great gesture of courage and they filled her with applause.

After having fallen on the stage, Karol G expressed the following: “All my nails broke and I think my knee broke. I wanted it to be perfectHe added.

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