Karla Díaz Confessed When Belinda Ruined Her Solo Career

Laida singer and actress, Karla Díaz recognized, during an interview with La Cotorrisa, how Belinda affected her solo career after the disintegration of JNS

Many would think that staying on top of fame is an easy task, however, this was not the case and much more difficult than it seems according to the recent statements of the renowned singer, Karla Díaz, who was young how difficult it was. for her to get a place in the world of music after dissolving the group in which she was.

Let’s remember that the famous interpreter ‘Tell me’ was part of Jeans (JNS), one of the most popular youth pop groups of the 90s, with which she gained great popularity until the end of 2008 when the members decided to separate to try to stand out each one by his side.

Unfortunately, this process was not easy for Díaz, who, through an interview on the famous YouTube program ‘La Cotorrisa’ with Ricardo Pérez and Slobotzky, confessed that he had to knock on many doors in the music industry but none One of them gave her the opportunity and explained that one of the reasons she was not accepted as the Spanish singer, Belinda.

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“That was also the ching * ADA, but I’ll tell you about it”, was how Karla began her story, showing a little uncomfortable when talking about this subject again in front of the camera lens.

“He is very sad because the group ends, I am worth mothers, literally. You come out of a group where you think you already have fame and the whole thing. We had to look elsewhere, I started knocking on doors at record labels to see if I was already going solo, but everyone was hitting me, “said the former host of the television program ‘La más draga’.

“I started doing some solo songs and A cut, a week, a record company signs Belinda and they tell me ‘thanks for participating, obviously they had Belinda who has a lifelong career”, described Karla with a bit of regret. in his voice, because he did not expect that Christian Nodal’s girlfriend would take away his opportunity to shine as a soloist.

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