Karine Lemarchand Stops Candidate’s ‘Disastrous’ Speed ​​Dating



Karine Le Marchant in love is in the meadow on the M6.

RESCUE – Season 18 love in the meadow on Monday, August 21, he successfully started on the M6 ​​highway. Like every year, a dozen farmers agreed to follow the marked path in search of their soulmate. Portrait, receiving letters, then quick dates with suitors and suitors…

For some, this step can be frightening and even paralyzing. This is what happened this year to Romeo, a 47-year-old feed manufacturer from Beaujolais. Karine le Marchand told our colleagues at Pure Medias that she even had to step in to try and get things back on track.

The iconic program host is actually present backstage at various candidate meetings, and she couldn’t help but go train Romeo. ” He would completely ruin his speed dating He talked about death, about life, which was difficult. He wasn’t seductive at all… It was sad. It was terrible. With her three or four first contenders, it was a disaster. »

The season of love in the meadow is turned upside down.

As Pure Medias explains, stopping interference during editing would have allowed Romeo to come to his senses and better understand his subsequent encounters. But this did not save him from disappointment. Her lover, Corentina, told her that she didn’t want to go any further.

This isn’t the first time this season that Karine Le Marchant has intervened during a speed date session. Recall that in the very first episode love in the meadow In season 18, she went to the dressing room to meet the fans of Patrice, a favorite of the audience.

She then sent them a warning. Today is your first date. He never had one. It’s very touching, very upsetting. We hope you three are very good, because he has no weapons, no protection, and a pure heart. You really need to take care of him. » A speech that moved Karine Le Marchant to tears.

If the formula that does love in the meadow the success of 18 seasons does not change, this year is no longer like any other. Farmers who didn’t receive the mail, two rejections and brand new situations that viewers can discover every Monday night on M6.

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