Kanye West’s vulgar style in Italy, like his wife showing off her buttocks


After the “wife”, who in Italy constantly dressed vulgarly, now it’s Kanye West’s turn. Calls to expel them from the country are growing.

Kanye West was recently caught on a riverboat trip in Venice with Bianca Censori. The controversial rapper was spotted in an all-black outfit with a blazer top.

When the paparazzi photographed Kanye’s back, the jacket had a high slit. Kanye’s buttocks were exposed.

Whether Kanye did it on purpose or not, his appearance sparked even more outrage on social media. Especially after Bianca first appeared in an overly sexy style.

“How were they not arrested for such indecent behavior?” written by a network user?

Previously, Bianca was in the spotlight because she wore a jumpsuit that was so tight that it exposed the intimate area.

“I hope they get kicked out. This couple is polluting the country,” wrote one Twitter user. Another wrote: “This is very offensive to a country with a conservative culture. Italy must expel them immediately.”

After breaking up with Kim Kardashian, Kanye has undergone a drastic change in style. The most noticeable change can be seen in the choice of footwear. Synonymous with Yeezy sneaker design, the rapper has been appearing shoeless in recent times.

The paparazzi captured the moment when Kanye appears in a public place, for example, on the sidewalk, on his feet only in socks that seem to merge with his pants. In fact, he also managed to walk barefoot.
It looks like this appearance is a leak of a father-of-four project in the near future.

TMZ reports that Kanye’s Mascotte Holdings Inc. registered a brand called YZY SOCK SHOES. No further details are given, but there are indications that the document contained the words “socks, leather-soled socks.”

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