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Julius Caesar Falcioni was confirmed as the new technical director of Independiente after the resignation of Eduardo Dominguez and the internships of Claudio Graf and Juan José Serrizuela during four games.

The experienced 66-year-old coach returns to the club after his departure in December 2021 and, in this way, he will face his third cycle in Avellaneda. He signed a contract until June 2023 and this Sunday he will have his debut against River at the Libertadores de América Stadium, in a match corresponding to the 12th date of the Professional League.

In the middle of his presentation on television media in Argentina, Falcioni revealed an anecdote from his time as goalkeeper for América de Cali in the 1980s. Sadly, one very outrageous.

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‘The next time you pull out a revolver…’

Penalty saved by Julio César Falcioni against Nacional

Penalty saved by Julio César Falcioni against Nacional in 1987


TV image shot on Youtube

According to Falcioni, on one of his outings in Cali, a group of Deportivo Cali fans rebuked him in his car.

“I stopped and got out. They all came and I got back in the car”
Falcioni recounted at first.

Then, he said, he went to his house, took a revolver and returned to the scene.

“I came back and they were all together. When they saw me with the gun, they all left,” he said.

Then, he said, he threatened one of the fans.

“The next day Miguel calls me (Rodriguez Orejuela) And he told me: the next time you pull out a revolver and don’t shoot, you have a problem with me”.

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