Julio César Chávez Jr will fight on December 18 and will do it renewed

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Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. made known his return to the ring after some months of introspection that served to renew his way of acting, and he will do so with the promise of present an ideal version thanks to the important preparation that it will have.

Already without his dyed hair, thinner and more brainy at the time of speaking, the son of the legend said that you will not see that distracted boy who abused social networks and showed a crazy image; this time it will be completely different.

On December 18 I’m going to fight so that they support me and I am going to win because now I am calmer, I am going to prepare much better, more at ease. I cared about everyone and nobody cared about me; now I worry about myself and I don’t worry about anyone, “he commented on his Instagram stories.

Neither social media nor other distractors

Julito admitted that his way of working on social networks like TikTok generated a bad perception of him, something that was taken advantage of by some people; In doing so he made a deep criticism of them, since he admitted that many times what appears is the opposite of what happens.

I consider myself a good person, I did it and that maybe gave a different image and the people who supposedly have to show their faces instead of telling the truth benefited from it, from everything I did, “said Chávez Jr. who was rushing to see the performances this Saturday.

Chávez did not give more details of the fight that he will hold in December and that would mark his return to the ring after the poor display he gave against Anderson Silva in Guadalajara in mid-June.

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