Judgment given by the judges in the case of a student who stabbed a Japanese teacher during

The prosecutor’s office at the Bucharest Court has completed an investigation into the case of Ion Creanga, a student at the National College in Bucharest, who stabbed a Japanese teacher during a lesson in April. The teenager is charged with attempted murder, possession of dangerous objects and disturbing the peace.

The case has been registered in the Bucharest court and is in the preliminary chamber, the first date has not yet been set. On July 20, the court chose a measure of restraint and decided to leave the student under house arrest.

The prosecutor’s investigation was completed quickly. The incident took place around 12:30 pm on April 5, when a teacher was handing out checklists to students.

Approaching the desk of a 16-year-old student, he stood up and stabbed her in the back of the neck, inflicting a stab wound in the anterior cervical region.

He asked his classmates before class whether to kill the teacher

According to the prosecutor’s office, the teenager deliberately acted, wondering before the attack what punishment he would incur if he stabbed a person with a knife.

“He planned his actions and armed himself with a knife. From the way he acted in hitting the victim with a potentially lethal weapon in the vital area, it follows that the defendant admitted that his actions could have led to the death of the victim, which did not occur by accident, ”the indictment notes.

After the attack, the teacher remained calm and asked the students to sit quietly on the benches. The student who hit her remained in the bank as if nothing had happened. The authorities were later alerted. The teacher was taken to the hospital, and the attacker was detained by the police.

When asked by the investigators what was the reason for the attack on the teacher, the student replied: “I felt that I should do it.”

During the investigation, the police found that before the beginning of the Japanese class, the XG class students discussed in a WhatsApp group whether it would be appropriate to skip the lesson. At some point, the attacker on the teacher wrote: “Is it worth killing her?”. “Well, what do you mean, me?” replied the colleague. The student did not answer. When the teacher approached his desk, he pulled out a knife and quickly stabbed it as his classmates looked on in shock.

According to the teachers, the teenager was “a good student who sat and read during breaks.” He was not considered a problem student, but rather hardworking, with very good results at school. He transferred to Ion Creanga College in the 10th grade because he was passionate about Japanese.

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