Judge furious: Witness at BTS trial wasn’t honest about Rs 75 billion in money


The chairman of the judiciary, Fazal Hendry, has once again been outraged by the witnesses presented by the prosecutor in the BTS 4G project corruption case. Judge Fazal even threatened to rule on suspicion to one of the witnesses.

Prosecutors represent director of PT Bintang Komunikasi Utama Rohadi at the BTS corruption hearing along with former Communications and Information Minister indicted Johnny G Plate, former director of Bakti Kominfo Anang Ahmad Latif and expert from Indonesia Human Development University (Khudev). UI) Yohan Surianto at the Jakarta Tipikor District Court, Tuesday (August 29, 2023). Initially, Rohadi admitted that he gave 75 billion rupees to the defendant Yusrizhsky at the request of the prosecutor.

— Do you know Yusrizsky? asked the prosecutor during the trial at the Jakarta Tipikor District Court, Jalan Bungur Besar Raya, Central Jakarta on Tuesday (August 29, 2023).

“I know,” Rohadi said.

— Have you ever given money to Yusrizsky, sir? the prosecutor asked.

“Never,” Rohadi replied.

“How many?” the prosecutor asked.

“The total amount is approximately 75 billion rupees,” Rohadi said.

What is it for, sir? the prosecutor asked.

“So he gave it because at the time it was after we did the work, not before we did it. After we completed the work, it brought us a significant profit. From this profit, he then asked for it in stages, Rohadi replied.

Rohadi stated that he transferred 75 billion rupees to the defendant Yusritsky in 10 stages. Then the prosecutor’s questions were taken over by the chairman of the panel of judges, Fazal Hendry.

“How many times have you given this to Yusrizsky, sir?” the prosecutor asked.

“About 10 times,” Rohadi said.

“How much is your job, sir?” the prosecutor asked.

“My work is worth about 550 billion rupees,” Rohadi replied.

“500 billion rupees, did you give Pak Yusrizsky 75 billion rupees?” the prosecutor asked.

“Yeah, something like that,” Rohadi said.

“I interrupted you, what did you give me earlier?” Judge Fazal Hendry said.

“In the past, it just so happened that the information was about the cme process or working with sir, but not for the rest,” Rohady said.

The judge was furious because the testimony given to him by Rohadi differed from his answer to the prosecutor. In fact, Hakim Fahzal said he asked the same question as to whether Rohadi gave money to other parties.

“No, I asked you. You gave money to another party, you said no, as if you were clean,” Hakim Fahzal said.

“Allow me, Your Honor, we understood earlier that this was related to Lintasarta’s work, which has nothing to do with the power grid, so the work is only about cme,” Rohady replied.

“What money did you share with Yusrizsky?” asked Hakim Fahzal.

“Money from the profits we make is working for the grid,” Rohadi said.

“That’s what I asked if there are any, no…” said Hakim Fahzal.

“Allow me, Your Honor, we answered earlier, maybe not the right one, sorry in advance…” Rohadi replied.

“It’s not about regretting or not regretting,” Hakim Fahzal said.

The judge then asked if Rohadi wanted to go to jail like the other defendants in the BTS case. The judge said he could rule to recognize Rohadi as a suspect if he gives false evidence at trial.

“You can give false information, do you want to join you?” asked Hakim Fahzal.

“No, Your Majesty,” Rohadi replied.

Are you already a suspect, sir? asked Hakim Fahzal.

“Yusrizsky is,” the prosecutor said.

“Yusrizsky is there, join. If not, I will accept your decision. I asked you many times before, you said that you seemed to have divided it between other parties with Yusrizsky. What is Yusrizsky’s position?” said Judge Fazal.

“Yes, it’s a coincidence that for the power grid we shared this earlier, Your Honor, but for cme we didn’t share it. Allow me, Your Honor, we answered this earlier,” Rohadi said.

“Nothing, no need to say much,” said Hakim Fahzal.

“Okay, okay,” Rohadi replied.

The judge asked Rohadi not to play games while testifying at the trial. He said that the 75 billion rupees that had been given to defendant Yusrizsky was not a small nominal amount.

“I asked you many times before, in the end, you were also exposed. Do you want to play in this court? Do you want to play games with you? Do you have experience as a witness in other cases? with me, with this assembly. Do not try. It turns out that you shared something with Yusrizky, how much does it cost, sir? asked Hakim Fahzal.

“75 billion rupees, sir,” Rohadi replied.

“A rather large amount of 75 billion rupees,” I immediately asked. Did you share it with other people, no, you answered. From the very beginning, I did not believe that you can share such a large amount with others, I have said this many times, right? asked Hakim Fahzal.

“Yes, Your Majesty,” Rohadi replied.

Rohadi stated that 75 billion rupees had been returned. The judge stated that Rohadi lied and gave false testimony.

“I asked you many times why you lied? You were sworn in, you lied. I said from the very beginning that this is sufficient evidence that you gave false evidence,” Judge Fahzal said.

“I’m not threatening, sir. I am not threatening you, I told you from the very beginning, it turns out that you gave Yusrizhsky a lot of 75 billion rupees, you said that you are really clean. That’s all, sir.” he added.

“With Your Majesty’s permission, 75 billion rupees have been returned from Yusrizh,” Rohadi said.

“As for my return, haha, I can still smile, sir…” said Hakim Fahzal.

“Allow me, Your Majesty,” Rohadi replied.

“You can still smile, sir. You can still smile. The problem hasn’t returned, no sir, that’s not the problem. That’s what I’m asking…” said Hakim Fahzal.


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