Juan Soto to Yankees? The pieces that would make it possible

The bomb of the day in MLB came from the Washington Nationals through a report by ESPN’s Buster Olneywhere it is reported that several executives throughout the league believe that the Nats would be willing to put together a trade for Soto as soon as this season, seeing that maybe the chance to sign him long-term is slim to none and they could lose him in free agency for nothing, in addition to the fact that his salary in salary arbitration would make it difficult to change it later.

Given this situation, rumors arise of possible teams that would be willing to empty their farms in order to obtain the best hitter of his generation, such as Juan Soto, and how the New York Yankees always jump as one of the great options.

Another of the great reasons why the team from the capital would want to change Soto would be because they fear that their current reconstruction will last many more years and it is possible that the Dominican’s current contract will not cover them.

With this in mind, what do the Yankees have in terms of prospects or young players at the MLB level to give in a possible trade with the Nationals for Juan Soto? According to MLB Pipeline, the Yankees have farm system no. 13 from all major leagues; which while not a top spot, they do have several of the highest-rated prospects in the entire league, including Anthony Volpe (no.8), Oswald Peraza (no.60), Jasson Dominguez (no.68) and Austin Wells (no. 96).

The Yankees also have other good value prospects in their system such as Trey Sweeney, Estevan Florial, Deivi García, Luis Gil or Roderick Arías. Among all of them, players such as Gleyber Torres, Miguel Andújar or Clarke Schmidt are glimpsed as possible disposable pieces in an eventual exchange for Juan Soto, who still have years of control over them, also possibly including Jonathan Loáisiga or another pitcher.

What would the Yankees be willing to give up? Of all the aforementioned prospects, only Anthony Volpe is likely to be untouchable, demonstrated by the Bombers’ refusal to sign a top SS in last free agency so as not to shut down their top prospect, whom they compare to Derek Jeter. .

In that aspect, the other SS Oswald Peraza and especially Jasson Domínguez, who could occupy the position in the outfield left by Soto, look like possible pieces of change, especially the so-called “Marciano”, who has dropped a lot in recent years. in the ranking of prospects, although his ceiling is still very high: They don’t compare him to Mickey Mantle and Mike Trout for nothing.

On the National side, they could include other players in the operation, such as the case of outfielder Victor Robles for New York and thus make it more attractive, and even convince the Yankees to acquire pitcher Patrick Corbin, on the condition that the capital absorb part of the pitcher’s contract, which expires at the end of 2024 and has $82 million left including this season, being a real disaster so far.

A feasible change would be Juan Soto and Patrick Corbin to the Yankees for Jasson Domínguez, Miguel Andújar, Luis Gil, Clarke Schmidt and/or Estevan Florial, with “Marciano” being the possible direct replacement for Soto by occupying the same position, where Nationals They also get depth to their farms and ready players at the MLB level like Andújar and Florial, who have not been able to consolidate themselves in the Yankees and are to a certain extent disposable.

Gabriel Delgado

I started as a rookie at Al Bat in early 2018 and am in my third season covering Major League Baseball as a web reporter. I’m a fan of the San Francisco Giants, number one defender of Barry Bonds, and hater of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Fernando Tatis Jr., Juan Soto and Ronald Acuña are the future of baseball, Mike Trout is overrated, and the Astros deserved to have the World Series taken from them for their cheating. Besides baseball, I also enjoy football, flag football, basketball, and just about any other game that involves a ball or ball. I’m also an amateur musician, a penniless gamer and very nerdy. Graduated in journalism from the University of Guadalajara, I graduated in 2017. Born in the world capital of shrimp, Escuinapa, Sinaloa. I lived for a while in Australia; I survived giant spiders, tasmanian devils and fought a kangaroo and didn’t die trying.

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