Juan Rivera explodes against the children of Jenni Rivera and sends them a message

Annoyed and indignant, Juan rivera was launched against his nephews, the children of the deceased Jenni Rivera, who in their latest publications have hinted that both he and Rosie Rivera abused their positions within the companies of the late singer for their own benefit.

During an interview that the brother of ‘The Diva of the band’ offered to First Hand programRivera spoke about the audit that was required of them and was clear in recognizing that for him, this problem has never been about money but about honor: “We are being crucified and judged by a public that knows nothing, because I do not know anything about the audit and people know less than I do.”, said.

Although he assured that for legal advice he cannot talk much about the subject, yes he sent a message to his nephews: “If I stole a single five, show it and put me in jail, but in the same way, if you realized that there is nothing in that paperwork, go out and say it publicly”added.

On whether the person responsible for all this situation that has divided the family could be behind Chiquis, he preferred not to speak because he does not want to commit the same injustice that has been done to him, although he is sure that there is only one person responsible: “I do not like to say anything that I do not know one hundred percent, because as it can be true it can be an injustice for my niece. I’m sure there is someone, but you shouldn’t talk until you are sure ”, explained.

Juan and Rosie have been affected

Finally, he stressed that the most likely that the Rivera will never work together again, but he would love that once all this situation is clarified, they could resume your family relationship.

Juan Rivera and his nephews

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