Juan Rivera and Doña Rosa are infected, he responds to criticism for not having been vaccinated

It was Thursday, November 11 when Juan rivera He confessed through a live broadcast on his social networks, that both he and his wife Brenda and his mother Mrs. Rosa Saavedra are sick of Covid-19 and explained how they would have been infected.

“The Monday We realized that we got the Covid virus. I didn’t think I was sick, actually on Thursday we went to church with my mom. My mom said she was starting to feel bad “, he began to count.

And continued, “The Sunday we had a meeting at my mom’s house, we were Pedro and all her children, my little sister Rosie, their children, my mom, Johnny, Brenda and I for a project that we are going to start. My mom was wearing her mask, Rosie and her family had taken her for an exam. On Monday he called me and told me that he had tested positive for Covid “.

Juan Rivera does not want to be vaccinated and criticizes him

“Rosie told me ‘Juan take my mom to have another test please’. I took my mom, they give her the results quickly and it turns out that she tested positive. I also came out positivehe commented.

Likewise, Juan revealed that neither he, nor his wife, nor his mother have the Covid vaccine and assured that Nor will he put it on when he manages to overcome the disease but this brought him multiple critics in social networks.

This is how Juan spoke about his infection and the vaccine:

Juan responded to these comments and said,Why ignorance? It is our body. There are many vaccinated people who have gotten sick, if your vaccine does not protect you, what makes you believe that my vaccine will protect you? I don’t know why people have to insult, I do not know what to gain by insulting. My three oldest children are vaccinated because it was their decision and I do not tell them ‘how ignorant they are’ nor do they tell me ‘how ignorant you are dad’ “.

In addition, they are not the only family members who were infected, as the criticism continued in the written comments of the video where they commented, “Is this the guy who doesn’t believe in the vaccine?” To which he replied, that’s how it is. My son is vaccinated and the Covid still hit him, how do you see it? “

Juan Rivera does not want to be vaccinated and criticizes him

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