Juan Manuel Márquez: “‘Canelo’ Is Not the Best Boxer in History”

Former Mexican boxer, Juan Manuel Márquez, had no problem talking about Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez and assured that there have been better fighters than him

Although Saúl Álvarez has become the first Mexican boxer in history to unify the super-middleweight titles of the WBC, WBO, WBA, and IBF, the former world champion and member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame, Juan Manuel ‘Dinamita’ Márquez, assured that ‘Canelo’ cannot be considered the best Mexican boxer in history. 

Without mincing words, Juan Manuel Márquez was sincere in the program ‘One on One of the YouTube channel Deplaymaker and spoke a little about his career in the world of boxing, however, before the interview ended, Héctor José Torres Donato asked him if ‘Canelo’ could become the best boxer in history. 

“No, no … no, why? I’m going to say it: there are many fighters who win the world championships like I did and as several did, that is, fighting against the best and without putting rehydration clauses. to the rivals, without diminishing them and without telling them ‘you have to do this,’ “said the former Mexican professional boxer. 

“It is plausible what he is doing economically speaking, it is very good, but already include clauses such as rehydration, for example, that if you gain so many pounds you will have a fine and I think that is not fair for the fighter. You have to do it under equal circumstances to know what level I have reached as a fighter, see what level I am at, and to know if I am worthy, “he explained. 

It seems that, for Dynamite, the fighters have to win the belts with stronger rivals and without putting conditions in between to fight, something that Canelo usually does very often. 

“The history of Mexican boxing is very rich, it has a lot, you cannot say that Canelo can be the best in all of history when we have seen the best, (Julio César) Chávez, for example, those who have faced the best of the best, those who have not had support in any way, of any kind, “said the former Mexican boxer. 

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