Josie, Cristina Pedroche’s stylist in the chimes: “I always asked her to knit a bass drum for 31 in case she got pregnant”

This year, the style has a message, how did the idea of ​​collaborating with UNHCR come about?
Well, at first I wanted a very chaotic cape and I even considered a pharaonic confection made with crystallized garbage… But that chaos was complex, expensive and more fashion how human I envisioned involving the victims of the horror by customizing the coat and contrasting their individual wishes with a common one: world peace. The idea came to me reviewing a collection by Adrover (of which I am a big fan) and spinning the UN with UNHCR and the Spanish committee, I thought that the idea might appeal to you and so it was…

The thing about the tent was clear to me from the beginning and Amaia Celorrio warned me about a previous and very different collaboration done in London years ago and I know that many ill-informed people will say that it is a copy and all that; but I guarantee that accusing us of gratuitous plagiarism has always been really good for us. Each torn garment counts in this of the chimes.

The cape has been created from a tent in a UNHCR refugee camp.

How was the choice of the main piece, which is a tent from a refugee camp?
Well, the most important choice was to find a very good pattern maker, capable of converting such a vivid, thick, stained fabric surface with a huge logo into a coat that you can wear and where you can express your wishes. I met Inigo Garaizabal in my IED years, where I directed the Fashion Styling Master for 12 years right up until the pandemic, and I reconnected with him thanks to a private photo session I did for some friends with Javier Biosca. I asked him for several dresses and all of them had an outstanding pattern and fabric, what he does is impeccable.

It occurred to me that he could do this well but I never imagined how extremely well… With him I have worked and supervised the customization. It has been a luxury to be able to count on this emerging fashion design figure and I am happy with the rawness of the final result: the technique of that rigid structure that results in a sphere as amorphous as the planet we inhabit, the stains that have remained on the fabric, the human and graphic load and that logo adoverian that gives you so much strength. Very happy with the result.

Could you explain the complete styling to us?
The styling is an allegory of war and peace, with an exterior featuring victims fleeing conflict and violence, and a white, luminous interior full of peace. It is also a contrast of personal desires, embodied by the refugees and a desire common to all of us that Cristina Pedroche will launch into the world through this top sculpture that represents the peace that we so long for.

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