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Jose Emilio Fernandez, son of the late actress Mariana levy and José María Fernández “El Pirru”, He showed the affection he has for his ex-stepmother, Ana Barbara, with a moving message that he sent to the Mexican through social networks.

Last Wednesday the delivery of the ‘2021 Radio Awards’ was held in Mexico City. The celebration was attended by great stars representing the Mexican regional, including Christian Nodal, Ángela Aguilar, Grupo Firme, Lupillo Rivera and more.

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One of the guests at the event was Ana Barbara, who traveled from Los Angeles to Aztec lands to enjoy the ceremony. For the gala, the interpreter of ‘Bandido’ decided to invite Emilio Fernandez and Paula Levy, both children of Mariana levy and “El Pirru”.

The young people accompanied the singer and there they showed that the bond they formed more than 10 years ago continues to be very strong.

How did Mariana Levy die?

The actress lost her life in 2005. She was traveling aboard her minivan with her children, heading to an amusement park. Along the way Mariana levy he noticed that someone was following them; Stopping at a stop sign, armed men confronted the woman.

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The shock was so great that the actress suffered a stroke, seconds later she closed her eyes forever.

When did Ana Bárbara and “El Pirru” get married?

One year after the tragedy, José María Fernández “El Pirru” wanted to give himself a chance in love, that’s why he joined his life with Ana Barbara. The marriage lasted four years, but that was enough to start a family. In addition, the love and bond between the interpreter and the little ones grew every day, and that is reflected to this day.

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The message that José Emilio Fernández sent to Ana Bárbara

On the occasion of the delivery of ‘Los Premios de la Radio 2021’, the young man took time to dedicate moving words to the singer.

“Awards night, my prize is having you as my mother. I love you, Ana Bárbara ”, wrote the son of Mariana levy in the photo where they are hugged.

Of course, Emilio’s words filled the heart of the grupera with joy, which is why the post responded.

“Oh Love. I cry. I love you with my whole soul, my love! Here is your mother, sometimes with a broken wing, but that does not prevent her from flying to your heart! I adore you, my child “

With this, the good relationship they maintain is clear and continues to grow over the years.

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