José Dorin Cabrera, prominent marketer and political publicist, died

Santo Domingo, RD.

The prominent publicist and marketer José “Dorin” Cabrera died this Saturday, as a result of complications due to covid-19.

Cabrera has been one of the most prominent political marketers of the last 30 years in the Dominican Republic, serving as a consultant and creative, and also with his electoral preference measurement company.

José Dorin Cabrera worked in the electoral campaigns of Salvador Jorge Blanco, who became president of the Republic in 1982. He also did it for José Francisco Peña Gómez, with his audiovisual classic of “Primero la gente”.

He also worked on Leonel Fernández’s presidential campaign, “El nuevo camino,” during the 1996 elections.

Regarding commercial brands, he worked on the advertising campaign of the defunct Banco Intercontinental Baninter, which had Sammy Sosa, the Dominican baseball star, as its center.

José Dorin Cabrera was concentrated in his last years in his signature measurement of electoral preferences “José Dorin Cabrera Mercadología”, with political polls in the last electoral processes.

In addition, he constantly published articles advising on ongoing electoral campaigns, as he did in the past on Gonzalo Castillo and Fuerza del Pueblo.

He had 45 years dedicated to conducting electoral polls in the country.

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