Johnny Depp ‘returns’ with Captain Jack Sparrow to Disney park

The actor Johnny Depp stated before his trial for defamation with Amber Heard that I would not return to Pirates of the Caribbeanbut a disney theme park allowed the followers of the saga to see again the captain jack sparrow.

A video projection in disneyland paris showed the favorite pirate in the amusement park castle. His face barely lasted a few seconds in the video installation which began by showing the gold coin on which the history of the black pearl.

The clip of this action was published on social networks, allowing the entire public to witness this tribute to Captain Jack Sparrow.

The relationship between Disney and Johnny Depp got cold since the actress Amber Heard published in Washington Post an article in which she accused her ex-partner of domestic abuse.

These remarks made the actor of Dark Shadows leave some projects, among them the sagas of Pirates of the Caribbean and of fantastic animalswhere he played Captain Jack Sparrow and Gellert Grindelwald, respectively.

The house of the mouse did not indicate that this goodbye was due to the sayings and the trial for defamation with his ex-partner, although the interpreter pointed out that he felt bad after he wanted to give a “appropriate goodbye” to the character he played for the first time with Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley.

Johnny Depp commented during the trial that he found out that he was going to be fired a few days after the publication of the Amber Heard article, also that he did not understand how suddenly for Disney he was guilty before he was proven innocent.

For this reason, he previously said that he would not return to the label headed by Mickey Mouse even if they paid him 300 million dollars and a million alpacas.

In the midst of this situation, a former Disney executive argued that Disney and the saga could be ready to count on Captain Jack Sparrow again. In addition, it was revealed that the next film would currently have two scripts, one contemplating Margot Robbie and the other Johnny Depp.

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