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REHOBOTH BEACH, Delaware.- On this Saturday morning, the President of the United States, Joe Biden fell off his bikewhile walking in Cape Henlopen State Park, near his beach house in Delaware, about three hours from New York, where he arrived with first lady Jill Biden.

His walk was uneventful and shortly after stopping with a group of reporters and members of the public whom he was about to greet, the president, who was wearing a helmet, fell to the ground.

Immediately, the president stood up, with the help of Secret Service agents, and the first thing he said when he got up was: “I’m fine”.

The president spent several minutes chatting with the people who they had gathered to watch him ride a bicycle.

The White House released a statement that said: “As the President said, his foot was caught in the pedal while dismounting and he is fine. No medical attention is needed. The president looks forward to spending the rest of the day with his family.”


Biden likes to ride his bike in Delaware

Biden often rides his bike in the area of Gordon’s Pond on the Delaware coast on weekends.

Gordon’s Pond it is a very popular destination among cyclists and nature lovers, for its vegetation and paths visited by countless bird species. Its trails are surrounded by a 900-acre saltwater lagoon and offer some of the most impressive marine views you’ll find in the area.

Standing up, the president said that his his feet got caught in the pedal racks “I got my foot caught”He said and assured that he was not injured.

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